A Look Inside A Butterfly's Kiss by David P. Faustina

The ultimate showdown about to begin, would the cat prevail or the butterfly win? 

A Butterfly's Kiss started as an idea for a Christmas present for a special child in David Faustina's life. David recalls having just returned home from dinner at the SoCal staple diner, Norm's when inspiration hit him like a lightening bolt. As his gray cat lept towards him the world of Jasper, Sir Butterfly and a girl named Faith became clear on his mind. The end result: an inspiring story that uplifts children and speaks to them in an authentic yet imaginary way. This book is suitable for all audiences and specifically focuses on children ages 2-8. 

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The Book Written for Every Bookshelf

A former youth pastor, David is uniquely prepared to dive into subjects of the heart and soul and connects with kids on a very authentic level. He is quick not to classify his work as religious but instead writes for the mainstream with inclusive language that invites a child to feel the incredible power of hope, who no matter what religious practice happens in the home. The book from a philosophical level looks at confinement and offers encouragement that a new day is only a sunset away. Taking the allegory of the lifecycle of the butterfly and miraculous transformation (rebirth), Faustina allows readers to come into the story as they are and leave with a feeling that they are perfectly made and have all they need to overcome challenges and obstacles in life. Parents can use this book as a way to discuss impending medical conditions, mental health concerns or life circumstances that call for an extra special discussion on how perfectly beautiful each child is in their unique way. Confinement can also be emotionally set into motion with circumstances such as  bullying, divorce in our family, bed wetting or grief to name a few. The book uses simple yet recognizable characters that allow a child's imagination to connect into the scene very quickly. This allows the learner to more intently hear the story and plant a seed of empowerment that will benefit the child for a lifetime to come.  We hope this book will become a bedtime favorite for parents and your little champion. 

Special Offer: Every book ordered on pre-sale will also receive a free digital download of Shine Bright, the companion song to A Butterfly's Kiss written by Addie Nicole with lyrics by Addie Nicole and David Faustina. Addie Nicole is an accomplished singer/songwriter who gained an impressive following on YouTube and is known as a powerhouse vocalist in the electronic music industry. The song can be heard in the opening video on our homepage in its promo version. 

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Features and FAQs

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What is the suggested age group for this book?

Intended for children 2-8. Our opinion is that this is a lovely story children and adults will enjoy. 

What publishing house is working with this book title?

The book was the product of a successful Kickstarter Project Campaign. In fact only 32% of publishing projects for children's books are funded on this platform so the success is a tip of the hat to David and his creative team. David wanted to ensure the first print of this book was as close to his intention as possible. David has self-funded this project up until the Kickstarter campaign. His publishing division of IF Creative, LLC. is responsible for the publishing and distribution. He believes that the good things in life and community should be highlighted. Their motto is "Narrative for Good." Point Beyond is an idea that the fullness in life is just beyond the horizon line or the point beyond. David has been approached by traditional houses, but at this time has opted to work the project through his social enterprise. 

I'm not religious, is this book going to try to convert me or my children?

Short answer: No. Long answer: No, absolutely not. The definition of hope at times will evoke Christian feelings, and they can be applied across multiple denominations. creeds, beliefs, etc. The book is not overtly religious but the rebirth of the Butterfly and the use of light can be tied to Christian doctrine. But this book is mainstream. 


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