Yesterday was a terrible, no good, very bad day!

The alarm was late, way late and now I must suffer the consequences of its failing. Well, maybe I had something to do with the failing considering I was the one who forgot to switch the alarm to the on position. Thankfully, and with absolute precision in reliability in their schedule, the loud and abrasive sound of the Waste Management garbage truck jolted me from my slumber and startled me into a frantic mad dash to recapture the previously lost time. As I stumbled to the shower and turned the rotating handle, no matter how many times it turned, the water ceased to flow. “You have got to be kidding” I yelled out as if someone was ready to respond. No answer, no concern, and still no water. Well, the day must continue so I pick up my cell phone to check my emails as I make my morning ritual walk to Starbucks for the now much-needed cup of coffee. As I step out into the open the day is nice and the weather just right. I open my inbox and begin my walk and start to think to myself, now today is finally right. I delete the barrage of sales emails promising me fortunes if I become a member today, quickly glance at the latest sales on Groupon and Wayfair, respond to a colleague that our 3 pm meeting is on and just as I hit the glorious threshold leading into the promised land, my phone screen goes black and then disappears, a reminder that I forgot to plug it in last night to charge the battery. Oh well, I first thought, it will give me a moment to unplug and take a tech detox walk back home, to enjoy my coffee and not be interrupted by the emails, texts, and possible phone calls. “Yes, the usual” I excitedly respond while reaching for my wallet which is nowhere to be found. My morning ritual has never required a wallet since my coffee is always paid for through the app that collects stars. But the app, now useless, secured by a battery that was not charged. I hang my head when the sentiment was heard, “Don’t worry, this one is on me, enjoy the day ahead.” As I walked home I realized that my terrible, no good, very bad day was cured by the simple kind action of a stranger by name, but an angel this morning sent to remind me that life requires observing the good over bad.

We all have those days when things just don’t go as planned, but maybe our plan was pointing us the wrong way. A little redirection from a power from above allowed the mid-day morning to reshape in a way to show me the simple blessings where kindness wipes all the negative feelings finally away.

So, Alexander, I now know Judith was so wise when she reminded you in conclusion to your story I used to read, that those kinds of days can be like that for other people too!

My attitude has changed after a reframe on the events. I am now uplifted to see what things I can do next.

 a message composed….david

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Written with them in mind...

Books can be lasting and children’s books are an example of something that can teach long after it is placed back onto the shelf. We celebrate those boxed up books that the young learner one day outgrew. For we know that one day soon the memory will prevail. Those books once held so tight, flood back into the present day to read to the next of kin a story that will become their heart’s delight. 

I wrote A Butterfly’s Kiss with this in mind, and with a message that inspires and uplifts…giving your child a canvas for them to explore all the wonderful things they bring to life, each unique and beautiful.

To love is to share!

David Faustina

David Patrick Faustina, the author, is a nonprofit executive and youth empowerment speaker. David started his career in ministry as the youth minister of a thriving congregation in the San Francisco Bay Area before joining as one of their national speakers with the Making It Count Program. Recently, David relocated to Los Angeles and served as COO of a homeless service agency. David regularly consults on brand development and cause-based marketing. He has an identical twin brother, is called uncle by four amazing nephews and four beautiful nieces. David and his partner live in West Hollywood, California and continue to renew their Disneyland Annual Pass.

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