Is “Hope” a foolish thing?

Hope is a great antidote to life’s troubles. We know life will have its ups and downs, and I have had a few people challenge hope as being empty and disappointing. I challenge them and ask, if hope was the last feeling you had is that such a bad thing?” Hope alone cannot heal, but walking in faith and charity have amazing consequences for humanity. I wrote a children’s book, A Butterfly’s Kiss with a simple message, you are beautiful just the way God made you. I can remember a student in my youth ministry who would attend my Bible study on Thursday nights at the local Starbucks. He at the time was 15 and the first time he attended he was quick to tell me he was there because of a girl and that he doesn’t subscribe to the faith. I assured him that I heard what he said and that he was welcome to join anytime, girl or no girl. For the next two years, I can’t recall him ever missing a study. He dedicated his life to Christ and his whole outlook on life was transformed. He no longer was confined by his inner turmoil that was present that first night. Just several short months after his birth into Christ, his life tragically ended in an auto accident on a dark and dangerous road in Northern California, no drugs, no alcohol, just a tragic accident. He was on his way back from a family Thanksgiving to return to his home when he was called to his eternal home. I share this and for really the first time because his testimony is important. His life was important and his life meant something. The hope that this young man had in his heart, well I certainly know that hope allowed him to experience things and love himself beyond imagination. This was one of the hardest most painful times I experienced while in ministry, and at the same time, one of the most transformative. It was tragic in every way and every sense, and yet, in the stillness I can still see his smile and commune in the knowledge that he was held tight as he departed our lives for his heavenly life. Hope is not something we can fully understand. Hope transcends this life and connects our soul to the melody of eternity. So having a heart receptive to hope, well it is one way to dance in the present to the heavenly song.

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Written with them in mind...

Books can be lasting and children’s books are an example of something that can teach long after it is placed back onto the shelf. We celebrate those boxed up books that the young learner one day outgrew. For we know that one day soon the memory will prevail. Those books once held so tight, flood back into the present day to read to the next of kin a story that will become their heart’s delight. 

I wrote A Butterfly’s Kiss with this in mind, and with a message that inspires and uplifts…giving your child a canvas for them to explore all the wonderful things they bring to life, each unique and beautiful.

To love is to share!

David Faustina

David Patrick Faustina, the author, is a nonprofit executive and youth empowerment speaker. David started his career in ministry as the youth minister of a thriving congregation in the San Francisco Bay Area before joining as one of their national speakers with the Making It Count Program. Recently, David relocated to Los Angeles and served as COO of a homeless service agency. David regularly consults on brand development and cause-based marketing. He has an identical twin brother, is called uncle by four amazing nephews and four beautiful nieces. David and his partner live in West Hollywood, California and continue to renew their Disneyland Annual Pass.

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