Kickstarted and Endorsed. Two Wishes for the Price of One.

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Kickstarted and Endorsed. Two Wishes for the Price of One.

The Children’s Book successfully funded on Kickstarter received the endorsement from Charles Price, MD, a world renown children’s physician based at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and director of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

West Hollywood, CA. The winds might just be blowing in the right direction for Faustina’s new children’s book, A Butterfly’s Kiss. The creative team celebrated a huge success as they surpassed the funding goal on Kickstarter only weeks ago and the celebration is happening bi-coastal. From Los Angeles, the home of author David Faustina, to Orlando, the headquarters of the young International Hip Dysplasia Institute calls of congratulations abound and a partnership cemented between the two coastal cities which also share something else in common, the entryway that reads:


The book initially started as an idea, or maybe inspiration is best used, Faustina visioned as he started to brainstorm ideas for a Christmas present for a young child close to his heart. He knew he wanted to write a book for this young child and he recounts that when it all got underway, that is all he had on his mind, that he wanted to write a story, but what that story would be, was not known yet. Until one evening when he received an email from a print company announcing final dates for submissions to meet the Christmas shipping deadlines. Panicked, Faustina knew the time was now or never on this idea for a personalized gift. As he sat at his computer his gray cat, Jonah, came leaping onto his lap, nothing out of the ordinary, but this time, and maybe some divine assistance, a spark of fantasy had his mind leaving the present and entering into a world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. As the images of the dandelions appeared he started hitting the keys on his laptop as he recalls “it was as if my fingers were receiving orders from someplace else, they kept moving across the keyboard and the story was forming right in front of my eyes.” Eight hours later, Faustina noticed the sun was welcoming the new morning, put the final period on the first draft and closed his computer, exhausted yet fully aware Starbucks was in order. As he walked to grab his morning coffee his mind was consumed by a wise winged wonder, Sir Butterfly and a determinded little cat, Jasper and of course, the beautiful little girl angelic in sight and name, Faith. As he thought about the arch of each character, he realized the story had been with him for the past 14 months and only now was ready to be told.

Fast forward beyond Christmas, where he indeed met his deadline and presented the first copy of A Butterfly’s Kiss to a very special little girl. Fast forward beyond the beginnings to just weeks ago, A Butterfly’s Kiss upon starting the Kickstarter Campaign, was given a 2% probability factor of being successfully funded on Kickstarter on day 2 of the campaign by SideTraq, a para website that collects data on all Kickstarter projects. Fast forward beyond all this, and the future seems bright for this story. So much so, that another success has been earned by Faustina, the endorsement coming from one of the world’s leading orthopedic child physicians, Charles “Chad” T Price, MD. Dr. Price served on the medial team at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children where his innovative treatments for DDH, developmental dysplasia of the hip, were journaled and have now become the preferred method of treating certain forms of DDH. In 2009, a celebrity with huge name recognition approached Dr. Price with a family concern. His son had DDH and he only wanted the top doctor to treat his son. Dr. Price was that doctor and the celebrity, Dan Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy. In 2011, Dan and his wife approached Dr. Price with an idea to start an organization that focused on advocacy and research into all forms of dysplasia of the hip. Thus, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute was born thanks in part to a multi-million dollar gift from the Whitney’s foundation, the Git R Done Foundation and their continued commitment to the Institute. Naturally, the Institute would be housed on the Orlando Health Campus that hosts the children’s hospital. In case you didn’t guess it, Dr. Price was named the founding medical director and still holds the top post today. Larry-the-Cable-Guy-Hip-Dysplasia-Institute-Dr-Price-endorses-a-butterflys-kiss-childrens-book

The gravity of this endorsement has given Faustina the ultimate honor, “To know the doctor not only endorsed the book, but has been so outspoken in his support for the book has been tremendous.” Dr. Price and David Faustina did not know each other until recently and David has remarked that Dr. Price has single handedly elevated his dedication to seeing this book into wide distribution. “To know a gentleman like Dr. Price is behind you, a faithful and faith-filled man, well that ignites a courage to keep on the path and see this book through.”

Faustina has since announced that a portion of proceeds from the sale of A Butterfly’s Kiss will directly benefit Price’s important work. Andrew Younger, a development officer with Orlando Health Foundation confirms that to date Faustina and A Butterfly’s Kiss has directed over $1,000 to the Institute’s work from a Donor Advised Fund in Faustina’s name. Faustina believes that Price and his international medical board of doctors will soon eliminate DDH or at least reduce the occurrences significantly and that is something he absolutely supports. The girl who received the first copy of the book, she was diagnosed with DDH. It was a doctor who is on the Institute’s Advisory Panel that treated this girl. Faustina said the giving is absolutely personal, and when its personal it often is sustaining. Faustina a nonprofit leader for near 15 years in California knows a thing or two about philanthropy and commented that “people give to people, not to programs.” Sure maybe a one time gift here or there, but a major gift, or recurring giving, its because a relationship develops and trust is placed in the charity.” With that he commented finally, “Dr. Price, Andrew, their team, these are good people, people who care and I know every dollar will be used to help other families going through this and every dollar towards research, will be used to the greatest extent. Something very special is going on in Orlando at IHDI and I am so honored to be a very small part of it.”a-butterflys-kiss-david-faustina-quote-light

The book is written with all children in mind and explores finding the beauty and courage inside yourself. But to children and families coping with illness, confinement, grief or other challenge, this book will tap into a place in your heart that will allow the light of hope to provide peace, if but for a moment, the message will remain. A line from the book reads, “If you ever wonder if the light is near, remember, each day the sun must appear.”

The book is set to release at the end of July and can be pre-ordered at abutterflyskiss,com. For more information on the Institute and their important work visit





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David Faustina

David Patrick Faustina, the author, is a nonprofit executive and youth empowerment speaker. David started his career in ministry as the youth minister of a thriving congregation in the San Francisco Bay Area before joining as one of their national speakers with the Making It Count Program. Recently, David relocated to Los Angeles and served as COO of a homeless service agency. David regularly consults on brand development and cause-based marketing. He has an identical twin brother, is called uncle by four amazing nephews and four beautiful nieces. David and his partner live in West Hollywood, California and continue to renew their Disneyland Annual Pass.

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