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A heartwarming tale that took kickstarter by surprise

A Butterfly's Kiss by David Faustina
A successfully funded project launched on Kickstarter in May of 2017, the tale of the faithful cat, Jasper and his quest to help his Lady Faith get well. Could the powers of Sir Butterfly be what it would take to help Lady Faith? Journey into the dandelion field where it is known that the light is only a kiss away.

A portion of all sales of A Butterfly’s Kiss will be directed to help the International Hip Dysplasia Institute at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. During our Kickstarter Campaign, our supporters helped to raise funds to send over 80 books to Children’s hospitals nationwide (US). This book will give hope to many of our children who need the message most. Thank you Kickstarter supporters!

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A timely tale for Easter Morning

Put hope in their Easter basket

A message only heaven could compose…

A little girl’s cat is on a mission to bring her hope and hopefully, healing.

The ultimate showdown about to begin, would the cat prevail or the butterfly win? Journey into the fields where the white fluff flutters and unexpected alliances form, all to deliver a message to a young girl who needs to hear it most.

Written by a former youth minister, David Faustina tells a story where faith and hope intersect to share with the young reader that no matter the challenge or change in life, that with each new morning the sun must appear.  Each page is beautifully illustrated by French artist, Nicolas Lonprez who breathes life in the trio of characters with a warmth that is sure to capture the attention and wonderment of all readers.

Shine bright and let your wings take flight as your young reader journeys in the dandelion field to find the promise of a butterfly kiss.

Endorsed by one of America's Leading Pediatric Physicians, Dr. Chad Price.

“From my perspective as a physician, this book captures the essence of a child’s amazing ability to accept life as it unfolds.”

Charles "Chad" T Price, MD

Medical Director, International Hip Dysplasia Institute, Orlando Health Foundation

Change begins when you purchase a book

It feels good to help others. The lesson beyond the pages.

This story was inspired by a young child close to the author’s heart. The message he wanted to convey was that no matter the circumstance in life, you are beautiful and you are perfect in God’s eyes. Challenges and change are a part of life, but hope is knowing that with each new day the sun must appear. As a former youth minister, Faustina has walked through many situations with families. From news of illness such as cancer, the loss of someone special in the child’s life, to abuse and the healing that must take place, children are faced with a lot of challenge and change. “Families learning to be resiliant in the face of adversity, need to sometimes hear that things are going to get better, maybe not the way we define as better. I have seen families pull through a lot with prayer and determination.” It is with this spirit that Faustina sought out a partner in charity. It was then that Faustina, maybe through divine apportioning, connected with the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Under the direction of Dr. Charles “Chad” T Price, pediatric surgeon and Medical Director, the Hip Dysplasia Institute has been instrumental in the research, education and prevention of infant dysplasia of the hip. Although DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip) is not life-threatening, it is life-altering if left untreated. Treatment often carries with it a 3 or more month casting, leaving a young child unable to move from the hips to the toes.

Page after page, this story speaks to the child directly, whether your child is confined by something physical like a cast, or confined by something unseen, like grief, behavior inconsistencies or an altered sense of reality. The message remains, YOU are beautiful and you are loved. Just like the caterpillar did not know they would one day fly, we have the ability to overcome obsticles. This book wil be a great way to begin difficult conversations between parent and child. A flutter of wings, a wag of a tail and the Faith of a girl….a story that uplifts and celebrates life.


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SHINE BRIGHT performed by Addie Nicole 

Based on the book, A Butterfly’s Kiss

Written By

David Faustina

Art By

Nicolas Lonprez

David Patrick Faustina

David Patrick Faustina


David has spent his professional life as a nonprofit executive. His contributions to community have been profound, yet he always operates with a determination to help more. To learn more about David, read his extended bio here.

David would like to connect with you and can be found on the social channels below. Click on the icon to be connected.

The Kickstarter Campaign Video featuring an excerpt from the companion song, Shine Bright. The song was written by Singer/Songwriter Addie Nicole with lyrics by Addie Nicole and David Faustina. Also featured in the track are selections of the book text from A Butterfly’s Kiss

Musical track including notes and lyrics are protected under United States Copyright law. Point Beyond Publishing and Faustina, 2017.

Nicolas Lonprez


Awarded “Best Rated Illustrator” in 2015, on the renowned freelance platformUpwork, Nicolas empowers visually talented individuals, writers, entrepreneurs and companies.

To connect, visit Nicolas on the social channels below. Click on the icon to be connected.

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Penned with Purpose

From dandelions to butterflies, the story was one that had to be told. A conversation with the author,

   David Faustina


CLICK HERE to be taken to a transcription of the interview with the author and his telling of how A Butterfly’s Kiss went from a figment of his imagination to a “Published with Kickstarter” success. He also speaks about his commitment to help the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) and the importance of their work. Read this inspiring interview here. 

    To learn more about the incredible work of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute or to give a tax-deductible contribution to help bring an end to DDH click on the button below.

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