Shine bright and let your wings take flight this summer in A Butterfly's Kiss, a positive and encouraging children's book.

Join us in the dandelion field and be a part of this uplifting book launch!

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A flick of a tail, the flutter of wings, and the Faith of a girl…
Even in times of darkness, the light is only a kiss away.

Faith has just come home from the children’s hospital, but she’s still far from well. Her world seems dark and dreary… but her faithful cat, Jasper, is determined to bring light back into her life. With the healing power of the butterfly and the wishes of dandelion fields, Jasper and Sir Butterfly embark with Faith on a journey towards hope.

A Butterfly’s Kiss is the heartwarming tale of a young girl finding hope amid life’s challenges. Change can be frightening, but it often brings new beginnings… just ask a butterfly!

What is your wish?

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June is hip health month and we are raising funds!  A Butterfly's Kiss author, David Faustina will donate $1 to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for every new Book Launch List Subscriber who joins in June.*

Announcing the partnership with the International Hip Dysplasia Institute based in Orlando, Florida. This book will directly support the programs of IHDI and we are proud to partner with them, More information at
Promotion is valid until July 1 at 11:59am pacific time and up to 500 subscribers. 


Internationally recognized pediatric physician endorses A Butterfly's Kiss and believes this book could really be read by anybody and there is a message for them. 

Dr. Charles "Chad" T Price based at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children serves as the medical director of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. He shares:

A Butterfly’s Kiss is a beautiful allegory that children will understand completely. This heartwarming book is beautifully illustrated with pictures that convey the words. The story lifts the spirits by showing confined children that friends are helping them as they are on their journey of becoming new and beautiful. From my perspective as a physician, this book captures the essence of a child’s amazing ability to accept life as it unfolds.”

Charles "Chad" T Price, MD

Interview with Dr. Price on Kickstarter LIVE

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A Butterfly's Kiss Official Launch is Coming Soon!

The time was important to prepare me, you will see.

Heaven sent a butterfly's kiss, to you from me.

Proudly Supporting the International Hip Dysplasia Institute at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

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